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The THe Hotels brand is a recognized Spanish hotel company, with 8 destinations and that stands out for its vast offer.


Production of 3 videos promoting the offer and the services of the Hotel Volcán Lanzarote.

The Briefing

The challenge was to show this wide offer in 3 different videos for the Hotel Volcán Lanzarote, showing something unique, fresh and innovative.

At the beginning of the project, we held different informative sessions with the brand, in order to highlight the values that we want to convey and to show the uniformity of a strong brand.

For an easy and instantaneous identification, we tried to maintain a corporate coherence, proposing a uniformity in the edition of colors, as well as an equal introduction and end for the present and future productions.

Original videos

couple in hotel bed in lanzarote
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Hotel Volcan Lanzarote
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girl in marina in lanzarote
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The story we wanted to tell

We had to highlight through different stories, the tranquility of the hotel and its surroundings on the one hand, and on the other its wide offer aimed at all types of customers.

For this we created 3 videos, distinguishing the exclusivity of the Volcan Club Area and the general aspects of the hotel showing its facilities and services.

man in Lanzarote hotel

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