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Promotion of environmental initiatives for Canary Islands Tourism

The Canary Islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean, forming a Spanish archipelago of 8 islands. They are one of the most important tourist territories in Europe.

The Canary Islands have numerous individual and collective actions promoting good environmental and sustainable practices.


3 audiovisual productions have been made with informative character on environmental initiatives that are directly or indirectly related to tourism.

The videos were disseminated on social networks and the website of Canary Islands Tourism (PROMOTUR).

On the other hand, 10 photographs were produced for each initiative.

Technical team

The Briefing

Fundación Loro Parque


Listening to preserve

The Loro Parque Foundation has carried out a project to analyse the sounds of the marine environment of the Canary Islands by installing underwater sound recorders.

There is already a great diversity of sounds in the sea, and the research in this field is carried out by means of ecoacoustics, the branch of oceanography that analyses the soundscapes of the marine environment.

Hombre buceando en Tenerife
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Observatorio de Basura Marina


A Canary Island's bid to preserve life in the ocean

OBAM Fuerteventura (Observatorio de Basura Marina), establishes the preservation of the ocean, with the help of local fishermen, among others. Bárbara Abaroa is its director and explains the importance of her initiative for the protection of the coasts on the island of Fuerteventura.

Observatorio basura marina fuerteventura video
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Gorona del Viento

El Hierro

The first 100% sustainable island

The island of El Hierro has an innovative system at world level, making the island a benchmark in renewable energies thanks to the generation of a large amount of electricity from clean sources, which represents a great saving in diesel and a large reduction in CO2 emissions.

Mujer monitorizando una pantalla de ipad
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Adaptation to Social Networks

Video is the preferred format on social networks. We propose adaptations of each production in 2 formats:

Short post-square videos for Instagram and Facebook. 

Vertical videos for stories.




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