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Promotion of environmental initiatives for Canary Islands Tourism

Three informative audiovisual pieces have been produced on environmental initiatives linked, directly or indirectly, to tourism.

These videos were disseminated on social networks and on the website of Turismo de Canarias (PROMOTUR).

The main objective set by the client was to position the Canary Islands as a destination committed to environmental sustainability, an increasingly valued aspect when choosing a tourist destination.

The three productions highlight current environmental initiatives, presented by their managers through interviews in which they explain how they work and their contribution to improving the environment.

The dissemination of the project has been carried out through the social networks of the Canary Islands, the website, and will be expanded with the promotion of the publications to reach a greater number of potential tourists.

Production and editing

Jose Toste

Production management

Ania Kawachi

Content Director

David Domínguez

Cinematography and direction of photography

Jairo Díaz

Camera operator

Sergio del Pino


BBDO España

Fundación Loro Parque


Listening to preserve

The Loro Parque Foundation has promoted a project to analyse the sounds of the marine environment in the Canary Islands by installing underwater sound recorders.

There is already a great wealth of sounds in the sea, and research into this noise is carried out by means of ecoacoustics, the branch of oceanography that analyses the soundscapes of the marine environment.

Observatorio de Basura Marina


A Canary Island's bid to preserve life in the ocean

OBAM Fuerteventura (Marine Litter Observatory), establishes the preservation of the ocean, using synergies with different groups, such as fishermen, Canarian universities, environmental associations and public administrations. Bárbara Abaroa is its director and explains the importance of her initiative whose objective is to quantify the amount of waste that reaches the coast of the island of Fuerteventura from a scientific point of view.

Gorona del Viento

El Hierro

The first 100% sustainable island

The island of El Hierro has an innovative system at world level, making the island a benchmark in renewable energies thanks to the generation of a large amount of electricity from clean sources, which represents a great saving in diesel and a large reduction in CO2 emissions.

Gorona del Viento was the first isolated system in the world to achieve self-sufficiency with clean sources by managing the wind resource.

Adaptation to Social Media

Video is the preferred format on social networks. We propose adaptations of each production in 2 formats:

Videos published as short posts for Facebook and Instagram.

Vertical videos for Instagram stories and TikTok.




Photografhy Services

Professional photography

Photos for social media

Photo editing

We took a total of 10 photos for each of these initiatives, focusing on how they are carried out and their positive impact. These images were strategically used on social media to increase the visibility of the projects, accompanied by detailed explanations on the Canary Islands tourism website blog. In addition, the photographs and descriptions were published in specialised magazines, helping to disseminate and raise awareness of the importance of these environmental actions.


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