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Promotional video for the destination of Guía de Isora in the Canary Islands, highlighting its authentic essence, the serenity and balance that make it the perfect destination for those seeking happiness and wellbeing. This video is not only a journey through the beautiful landscape, but also an invitation to a physical and spiritual journey. It encourages the viewer to follow their instinct towards the place they have always wanted to explore.

Thanks to a carefully crafted visual aesthetic and an emotional approach, the video aims to establish a deep connection with the audience, inspiring them to discover and enjoy the unique experiences that Guía de Isora has to offer.

Production and editing

Jose Toste

Production management

Ania Kawachi

Camera Operator, DP and Colour Grading

Copywriter and Content Management

Gonzalo Cazorla

FPV pilots

José Cruz & Salvador Alvarez


Marta Purriños

The story we wanted to tell

We are programmed to be happy. It is innate. And of course, it is also innate to seek that happiness and well-being. The new Guia de Isora campaign invites you on a journey that will take you to where you’ve always wanted to be. To a place that calls you, attracts you, with its authenticity, tranquillity and balance. If you listen to your inner self and let yourself be guided by your instinct, you will find it.

Start a physical and mental journey to happiness, where your instinct guides you.


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We designed an immersive experience that connects visually with the public through videos and photographs, optimising every detail for mobile devices. We revamped the structure and content from scratch, integrating the new corporate identity in a modern, clean and captivating style.

The result was impressive: an exponential increase in visits, an outstanding positioning in search engines and a constant flow of visitors, amazed by the visual beauty and ease of use.

In recognition of our work, the website has received numerous awards and nominations in leading competitions celebrating excellence in website design and development. These awards attest to our dedication to innovation, creativity and quality.


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Screen mobile Guía de Isora
Screen mobile Guía de Isora


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