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The Selina brand is one of the world’s fastest-growing hospitality chain.

Custom-built for today’s nomadic traveler, Selina provides guests with a global infrastructure to seamlessly travel, experience and work abroad.


Production of 6 destination videos both in Costa Rica and Portugal of approximately 2 minutes each.

The videos were broadcasted on the Social Networks of Selina and in the hostels’ screens.

Shooting of 150 photos for each destination.

The photographies had been published on Selina’s website and their Social Media.

The Briefing

The Selina brand has a strong positioning within the nomadic community. At the beginning of the project, we had to define the values to be transmitted.

Selina strives to be authentic and promotes connection to the destination through a large offer of local experiences. This is why the productions are mainly focused on the hostel’s environment.

In addition, to facilitate target identification and create engagement with the audience, we had to maintain the brand identity throughout our videos, offering consistency in editing colors, rhythm and tone.

Selina Portugal

A destination for Nomads and Remote workers

Selina Portugal film production took place in 6 different locations in the country, perfectly situated between the city and at the same time close to nature. 

This interview of a remote worker shows perfectly how the guests experience not only this kind of lifestyle, but also Selina’s environment and offer.

beach in peniche with surfers portugal
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lake in portugal
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Selina Gerês

Located in the mountains, just above the Cádavo River and among the Peneda-Gerês Natural Park, this Selina presents the perfect environment for disconnection and unique experience for nature lovers.

We shoot this video in order to transmit the peace and harmony of the location, and at the same time all the activities. 

Selina Vila Nova de Milfontes

Milfontes is a charming coastal village situated between Faro and Lisbon. 

Because of its situation, it offers a lot of activities for the targeted nomad traveller: vast beaches and with powerful waves offer perfect conditions for surfing. The beautiful coastline and sand dunes allow long trekkings with changing scenarios along the way. The Mira River mouth offers perfect conditions for Stand Up Paddling.

Our production had to be centred in those experience, besides of all the commodities that offers the hostel.

woman with bicycle
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Selina Costa Rica

Selina Puerto Viejo

Costa Rica has many jewels, but our favorite was without a doubt Puerto Viejo.

Situated in the Caribbean coast, the mix between authenticity of afro-caribbean culture, turquoise sea and lush jungles makes that the possibilities for the traveller are infinite!

The hostel, perfectly situated between the surfers’ spot, and the jungle, knew how to preserve all the authenticity of this place and its lifestyle. 

The filmmaking process, was all about reflecting the spirit of Puerto Viejo, giving it a touch of cool destination and smooth transitions.

boats in turquoise sea
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Woman hiking in the jungle
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Selina La Fortuna

La Fortuna is all about adventure travelling: situated right beside the Arenal Volcano, you are in the middle of nature, surrounded by it’s beautiful National Parks full of waterfalls, hot springs and biodiversity.

The hostel proposes a large range of outdoors activities and, as all Selinas, it surprisingly blends in perfectly with the environment.

In this video we show the essence of Costa Rica’s epicenter of adventure along with the vibe one of the most charming Selina in the country.

Selina Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio is located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and is one of the most popular beach towns. This location offers activities for everybody in search of either relax or adventure and nature.

Because of its situation, the beach offers one of the most breathtaking sunrises that we had to include in our production.

The Selina in Manuel Antonio has the coolest amenities, a very young and fresh vibe that attracts a lot of guests to share and connect with the community.

The idea of the video was to inspire and invite the viewer to live this experience in the closest possible way.

surfer walking on the beach
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