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The prestigious Hotel Bahía del Duque has entrusted us with the task of creating a series of 10 video capsules of 30 seconds each and an extensive photographic report, with the aim of segmenting and highlighting the various offers and experiences. From luxury accommodation to dining options and recreational activities, each photo and video is designed to highlight a specific aspect of the property.

In addition, we have compiled all of the collected audio-visual material to produce a summary video that captures the full essence, showcasing not only its first-class facilities and high-quality services, but also its deep appreciation for the details that make each guest’s stay exceptional.

Production and editing

Jose Toste

Production management

Ania Kawachi

Camera Operator, DP and Colour Grading


Jairo Díaz & Aida Rivero

Photography Assistant

Chris León


Héctor León & Aina Arpiz

Make-up and Hairdressing

Poppy Ramos

FPV pilots

José Cruz & Salvador Alvarez


Kevin Plasencia


Oliver Baggerman - Elena Herzog - Leonardo Lopez & Valentina Lopez

The story we wanted to tell

From the outset, we were dedicated to carrying out all the tasks and requests entrusted to us, ensuring that each video capsule and photograph effectively highlighted the establishment’s various offerings and services.

To bring a more personal and relatable dimension, we chose to reflect the hotel’s experiences through the eyes of a family and a couple, allowing us to capture the versatility and richness of what the hotel has to offer.

The end result has not only met the client’s expectations, but has also served as a valuable marketing and sales resource to present the full essence of the Hotel Bahía del Duque.

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Our photo shoot encompassed every corner of the hotel, from its majestic views and elegant rooms to its exquisite restaurants and tranquil wellness areas. Each photograph is carefully composed to highlight the beauty and sophisticated design of the hotel, as well as the welcoming and relaxing atmosphere that defines a stay at the Bahia del Duque.

In addition to capturing the architecture and interior design, we focus on the small details that make the difference: the personalised attention, the exquisite décor and the unique touches that make each room special. These images are not only a visual representation of the hotel, but an invitation to live an extraordinary experience.



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