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Guía de Isora is a municipality located on the southwest coast of Tenerife, Spain, known for its warm and dry climate, its beaches, its traditional festivals and its local gastronomy.

Play Video about Cover del video - Mi instinto me guía
Play Video about Cover del video - Mi instinto me guía

The briefing

The commission to make a promotional video for the destination of Guía de Isora seeks to show the authenticity, tranquillity and balance of the place as an ideal destination for those seeking happiness and wellbeing. Through a physical and mental journey, the video invites the viewer to listen to their instinct and let themselves be guided to the place where they have always wanted to be. With a captivating visual aesthetic and an emotional approach, the video seeks to connect with the audience and motivate them to explore and enjoy the unique experience that Guía de Isora has to offer.

Technical team

The story we wanted to tell

We are programmed to be happy. It is innate. And of course, it is also innate to seek that happiness and well-being. The new Guia de Isora campaign invites you on a journey that will take you to where you’ve always wanted to be. To a place that calls you, attracts you, with its authenticity, tranquillity and balance. If you listen to your inner self and let yourself be guided by your instinct, you will find it.

Start a physical and mental journey to happiness, where your instinct guides you.

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They trust us

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